3 Piece Cheese Serving Set

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Laguiole Jean Neron 3 Piece Cheese Set - Pate Knife, Cheese Knife & Cleaver. Hand-Crafted, quality Stainless Steel, Coloured Resin, Made in France.

Laguiole started out as a folding pocket knife, its popularity rose in the late 20th century. A table knife was then developed, handmade by craftsmen whose skills have been passed from generation to generation. The blade, made of high grade stainless steel, is stamped, ground and then polished with over 25 manual production stages. The Laguiole knife has been crafted for over 200 years.
This elegant and stylish cutlery is designed and hand-crafted in France. Each individual piece features the trademark Laguiole Bee and is made from quality stainless steel. Enjoy your favourite cheeses with these beautifully hand-crafted masterpieces that will always impress your family and friends!

Designer 3 piece cheese knife set
Includes; pate knife, cheese knife & cleaver
Hand-crafted from quality stainless steel and coloured resin
Features the trademark Laguiole bee
Dishwasher safe
Made in France
Add to your existing collection or start a new one
Comes with Certificate of Authentication

Package Contents:
1 x Pate Knife - 15.5cm
1 x Cheese Knife - 23cm
1 x Cleaver - 20.5cm

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